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Travel in Comfort

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September 7, 2021 | Uncategorized

With the progress being made towards fighting this nasty pandemic, a local trip, or even an international flight is imminent! Can you contain your excitement to travel once again? Sightseeing, cozy hotels, new cuisine, and some killer selfies are right around the corner.

Whoa now, Captain Cook, whether you intend to travel by plane, train, automobile, ship, or bobsled; it might be wise to take a quick gander over the following tips before you set sail. They’ll help you stay calm, cool, collected, and comfortable before, during, and after a long travel stint.

When Docked (Before your trip)

Avoid overeating! If it’s a long trip you’re probably going to be quite inactive for quite some

time, there is simply no need to stuff your belly with energy that you won’t be able to burn! Eat something filling, yet light before raising anchor; a tuna salad, a veggie stir-fry, or a hearty soup would be ideal.

Get into the zone (physically)! There is a very satisfying sensation in traveling when your body needs a break. By performing some form of physical exercise the day before, or even the day of a big trip; you’ll give the body a good excuse to relax and do absolutely nothing. 

Get into the zone (mentally)! Yes, the travel time is inevitable, but it doesn’t mean you can’t be productive! Plan ahead for those times in which sleep is a challenge. Pack an easy novel, a notebook, and some pens, or prepare a relaxing playlist, an audiobook, or load up those inspiring podcasts you’ve been putting off for a while. These will all help the time fly by (pun intended) in a relaxing, yet productive way.

Dress for comfort. Long gone are the days in which travel requires a formal (and usually

uncomfortable) dress code. If the trip is a long one, you want to make it as endurable as

possible. Looser-fitting clothes are your best bet. Stretchable plants, a loose t-shirt, and some breathable shoes will make your trip a lot more appealing. Don’t forget a back-up

sweater! Planes, trains, busses, and ships can get rather chilly at points.

Get with the times! As soon as you step onto your mode of transit, set your watch, phone, and sundial to the time of your destination. Why not get a head start on that time-zone

adjustment? If it’s nighttime at your destination, do your best to get some shut-eye; if it’s the

morning, ask the flight attendant to prepare some eggs and bacon… or at least a hot cup of coffee.

Setting Sail (During your trip)

Hydrate! Traveling requires your body to use more water than you think, especially when spending time in a pressurized cabin. Do your best to regularly sip water throughout the trip. It’s best to get yourself a water bottle and always keep that, as well as yourself, topped up with the sweet nectar of life; h2o.

Lose the booze! Yes, this is all very exciting and you’re ready to get the party started with a

cheeky grown-up beverage to celebrate movement. But it’s also good to remember that alcohol creates sleep disruptions, causes dehydration, and increases overall irritability; three things that no one needs on a long hauler. Do yourself a favor and save the celebratory drink for when you touch down.

Get dreamy! During transit, the land of nod can be a difficult, faraway place that travelers can only dream of reaching (pun intended). However, give it your absolute best shot to get at least a little nap while traveling. Earplugs, a night mask, and calming magnesium supplements can work unspeakable wonders; give them a try!

Move while moving! If sleep isn’t an option, or it doesn’t tie in with your destination time, then the best thing you can do is remain a little active. Light bathroom stretches, seated toe extensions, wrist, ankle, and neck rolls, and even controlled breathing will help during a long trip. Benefits will include increased blood circulation, reduced anxiety, increased comfort, and decreased boredom.

Sugar is not your friend! When traveling, your hunger could lead you to reach for the most accessible option to fill your belly. But, it’s good to remember that added sugar is a foe. It’ll spike your insulin, increase irritability, and even cause unnecessary bouts of perspiration. Soda, granola bars, and candy should all be avoided. Instead, aim for more nutrient-dense foods like nuts, seeds, whole-grain bread, and cereals.

When Ported (After your trip)

Walk, walk, and walk some more! From port to taxi, to hotel is a big no-no. It’s simply sitting followed by more sitting, and that doesn’t sound like fun at all! Most cities now have an excellent public transport system linked by numerous scenic public walkways. Get those legs nice and stretched out and aim to hit a minimum of 5,000 steps before you take your next rest. 

Stretchersize! We’re coining this. Stretching and exercises are some of the best things you can do after a long-haul trip. You’ll loosen up those tightened joints, you’ll fill your muscles with nutrient-rich blood, and you’ll sleep a lot better as a result. Look for a hotel that has a fitness room, or even try a light workout in a local park for something more ‘outdoorsy’.

Practice ‘Hara Hachi Bu’! This is the famous Japanese concept that means one should eat only until 80% full. You may feel as if you’re starving after a long trip, but this is probably more related to boredom instead of actual hunger. Get yourself a light, nutritious meal, and chant ‘Hara Hachi Bu’ quietly as you proudly walk past those deadly all-you-can-eat buffet restaurants. 

Refresh like a Boss! Spend a little time pampering up your wonderful self. Treat yourself to an extra-long bath or hot shower. Shave, deep scrub, shampoo, and get yourself back to million-dollar status. It’s amazing how good this can feel, and after a trip like the one you just completed, you fully deserve it.