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Festive Fit Tips

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December 8, 2020 | Sports-Related Injuries

As we head into the festive season (yes, the festive season, we can’t believe it either!) numerous, familiar, seasonal questions begin to arise as they commonly do at this time of year:

  • What will I buy for them?
  • What will they buy for me?
  • Should I leave the tree up until February?
  • How am I going to be a little healthier over the holidays?

Though we can neither help you with gift preparation, nor advise you on the acceptable duration of nativity decorations; we can certainly lend some tips on how to remain on the healthier side of the festive spirit! 

Celebrate and hydrate! 

There’s no denying that when the holidays arrive, they bring along plenty of extra food and drink (the stronger kind…). During these times, it’s important to remain hydrated on that good old-fashioned sweet nectar of life: water. Though it may not be the most enjoyable beverage available, it’ll certainly do you the most good. Whether it be by preventing a sore head from one too many ‘grown-up’ drinks, to naturally suppressing an eager appetite; water works wonders with keeping you both focused and well hydrated. Add a squeeze of lemon to jazz things up. 

Eat in before heading out!

We all know the reckless havoc a hungry stomach combined with limitless, readily-available unhealthy food can do to one’s willpower. Trust us, we’ve all been there before. Luckily, we humans have the wonderful ability of foresight, so why don’t we use it a little bit here? If you know you’re a bit of a sucker for a sweet or salty treat when the hunger pangs begin to kick in, plan ahead by eating something filling and healthy at home before heading out. A sandwich, a piece of fruit, some almonds, or even a quick smoothie will curb impulsive orders more than you think. It’ll save you a few pennies too!

Choose your treats, wisely!

Let’s face it, the holidays are all about treats, and we can all agree that this time of year would be pretty dull without them (especially after a year like 2020!). So by all means treat yourself; you probably deserve it more than you think! Take your time in choosing something you’ll actually savor and enjoy, and then do so without guilt. By simply being a tad more mindful with your treats, you’ll recognize what should be consumed in moderation instead of simply consuming it because it’s there.

Share your goals!

There’s no harm in letting your family and friends know about the healthy journey you’re on. Aside from providing some interesting dinner-table conversation, it’ll also let them know where you stand, and how to respect your position. Ask them not to flood you with temptation, opt. to be the designated driver, and even offer to take a walk down to the shops to pick up what’s inevitably been missed from the grocery list; you’ll certainly rack up some extra steps while doing so. You might even end up inspiring family members or friends to follow suit. 

Keep that nativity activity!

A short morning exercise routine, a quick spin on the bike, a brisk walk in the park, or even a dance routine to a 1980’s Christmas classic with a loved one will contribute to keeping those Calories on the furnace. Remember, weight control mostly falls down to Calories in vs. Calories out; and every bit of activity helps. If, for whatever reason, an exercise or dance routine doesn’t suit you, aim to park a little farther away from the supermarket, take the stairs instead of the elevator, or lead a snowball fight to victory over your childhood nemesis; all activity adds up!

(For the record, dancing burns up to 450 Calories per hour, so don’t look too far for an excuse not to boogie). 

We truly hope that these tips help you in not only maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but also in potentially building a solid foundation for many festive seasons to come. However, it’s also important to remember that this period is for enjoying yourself, especially as we close out this tough year. Take regular moments to reflect on whatever goals you’ve accomplished in the past 12 months, health related or not; you’re owed a pat on the back and a treat, so enjoy it (in moderation!).