Laurel Office FAQs

Do you have a wheelchair?


Do I need a referral?

Please contact your insurance carrier to determine if a referral is required for a specialty visit.

Do you accept Medicaid?


Do you have an interpreter?

Yes; remote service via Language Line.

When will my Rx be refilled?

If not post-op, within 24 hrs; if post-op, same business day.

Do you have a no-show fee/late policy?


Can I use public transportation to get to the office?

Please visit Google Maps to view your public transportation options (Directions –>Transit).

Where are you located?

Click here to see our locations.

Do you take self-pay patients? If so, what’s the price? 

Yes; Orthopedics/podiatry/pain management: $250 new patient/new evaluation visit; $150 follow-up visit
Spine: $350 new patient/new evaluation visit; $200 follow-up visit
Casts are an additional $50.

When is my surgery scheduled for? When will the coordinator call me for an update? 

Call your office, and follow the prompts to reach your surgical scheduler. *The surgical coordinator will reach out in 3-5 business days to schedule surgery, unless the surgery is marked urgent. 

After surgery, when do I change my dressing?

Please refer to the surgery packet provided to you or follow the instructions above to contact your surgical scheduler.

Which physicians work at your office?

Dr. Rishi Bhatnagar
Dr. Scott Berkenblit
Dr. Mir Namath Ali
Dr. Vipul Mangal
Dr. Matthew Thompson
Dr. Daniel Perez
Dr. Olga Gonzalez
NP Elizabeth Fifelski
PA Aisha Hasan